November 10, 2010

About the Society

By National Historical Baking Society

The National Baking Society is dedicated to preserving American baking standards, techniques, ingredients, ideas and recipes. (In less extravagant/ornate prose – The National Baking Society is a blog from the folks at Baked).

Other things you should know about the National Baking Society (i.e. Baked):

  1. we take brownies very seriously
  2. we have a strange obsession with odd celebrity cookbooks (Cooking for Cher is a true masterpiece)
  3. we like ill-named recipes (“lacy panty cakes” anyone?)
  4. we don’t eat enough vegetables
  5. we wholeheartedly encourage the sharing, dissemination, and updating of forgotten baking treats. if you want us to blog about a family recipe, send it (along with some background info) to: info at bakednyc dot com

These are some of the less interesting parts of the Society (though you might want to read them):

  • we monitor comments because we don’t like to deal with riff raff and spam. it doesn’t mean we won’t publish opposing viewpoints, we just want to keep the “nasty” to a minimum.
  • we try to answer all general questions within the commenting section or on our Facebook Page. if you have other questions, feel free to email us at info at bakednyc dot com and reference the blog post in question.

About our illustrious contributors:


Amy Samuel – Sweet and Savory
from Ohio
resides in Brooklyn
trained at International Culinary Center
works at Baked (yay!)
likes blogging and bicycling and salt

Amy online – (other blog), arsamuel (twitter), amy dot renee dot samuel at gmail dot com (email)

Jordan Slocum – Celebrity Stalker
from Las Vegas
resides in Brooklyn
works at Baked (yay!)
likes cheesecake and dolly parton and entertaining (sometimes all three at once)

Jordan onlineĀ matzahjordo (twitter)

Diana Vassar – Baked Enthusiast, Curiosity Seeker
from New Jersey
resides in Austin
graduated and back in school for baking

Matt Lewis – Bakery Co-Owner
from a lot of places (moved a lot : Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Alabama)
resides in Brooklyn
co-owns Baked
likes ice cream, chocolate cake, caramel sauce and biographies and cacio pepe
Matt online – (bakery site), brooklynbaker (twitter and instagram),

Renato Poliafito – Bakery Co-Owner
from Queens, Boca Raton, Sicily
resides in Brooklyn
co owns Baked
likes dry wit, aperol, being neat and tidy

Other Contributors:

Bret Hansen – Designer
bret designed our blog (and website), and he would probably design your blog if you asked him. he also designs all sorts of printed and online matter and we happen to think he is talented and great.

Bret online – (website)

Steven Crawford – Developer
Steven set up the blog (and developed the Baked website). He hates to write about himself, but loves spending quality time in modal text editors and dreaming in code.

Steven online –


Join the Society?

Perhaps, if the society ever gets its act together, all joiners (members) will get something special (like a piece of chocolate, an official card, or a nice old-timey scroll). At the moment, the society does not have its act together. While we intend to influence democracies and change the baking world, we are slightly overscheduled, completely overwhelmed, and entirely disorganized, but we appreciate your enthusiasm. In the interim, we have a facebook page, an events section, to keep you informed of our goings-on.


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