Scenes from Sandy and Double Chocolate Loaf

October 29, 2012 | By matt | Comments

If you are near Sandy’s path, we hope you are safe, sound, well-fed, and occupied (i.e. movie marathon). The wind has picked up in Brooklyn (I live in Dumbo) and the rain appears on the horizon. Fingers crossed for this thing to blow over with minimal damage…

I thought I would interrupt our regularly scheduled blog thingamajig to share a few photos of the “calm before the storm”. Most of the photos were taken around noon in the Dumbo area…and I fired off a few quick shots from my apartment looking out into storm central. And of course, I baked a Double Chocolate Loaf in one of our nifty new Baked Loaf Pans because it just seemed like a good game plan (apologies for the product placement but I really do enjoy both the mix and the pan…sigh)…be well everyone and be safe. More from all of us at Baked later.


  • Mark Neufang

    Thanks for the update, Matt. I’m relieved to know you’re staying in, safe and sound, and baking something chocolate! Looks delicious! (I gotta get that pan…)

  • Stay safe! I’ve ridden out quite a few hurricanes. The best recipe is booze and card games.

  • Lynn

    Hope you are safe! Thanks for the pics! Made me smile.

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